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 Neuron EDM search by crystal-diffraction method

The idea of this experiment is based on the neutron interaction with a strong interplanar electric field of a noncentrosymmetric crystal. Value of the field can reach 109 V/cm, that exceeds the value available in any other method by about 5 orders of magnitude.

The aim of this project is to reach the sensitivity better than 10- 26 e·cm.


 Diffraction Method to Test the Weak Equivalence Principle for Neutron

The method is based on an essential magnification of external effect on neutron diffracting by Laue for the Bragg angles ΘB close to right one. The factor of diffraction enhancement for the neutron trajectory "curvature" due to external field can reach about ~(108 - 109) in comparison with a free neutron.

The aim of this project is to reach the accuracy to measure the ratio of inertial to gravitational neutron masses about σ(mi / mG) ~ 10-6 that more than two orders exceeds modern precision.


 Neutron volumetric test of highly perfect crystals quality

A simple method for the relative measurement of the interplanar distances of high perfect crystals with a high precision has been proposed. It is based on the comparison of the interplanar distances of two crystals using neutron transmission through one crystal and back reflection by the reference second crystal at Bragg angles close to 90° The method allows us to measure the variation of the crystal interplanar distance Δd relatively to the reference with the accuracy Δd/d better than 10-7.


 New approach to test a neutron electroneutrality

New method to measure a neutron electric charge is proposed. The main idea is to use SESANS technique, which provides a spacial splitting of neutron onto two eigenstates with different projection of spin on magnetic field. After passing through working area with applied uniform electric field E these two eigenstates are coupled back. Therefore, the phase of interference pattern, i.e. azimuthal spin direction, is defined by phase difference of two neutron eigenstates accumulated in the working area. This phase will be determined by the nonzero neutron electric charge. Preliminary estimations demonstrate that using this technique can improve the current constrain on neutron electric charge at least on one order of magnitude.


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