The basic directions of the scientific activity

Heads of the basic scientific directions

1. X- and g-ray diffraction in elastically deformed crystals. Precision g-spectroscopy

2.1. Chemical and isotope shifts2.1. Chemical and isotope shifts

2.1.1 New results obtained during the last 5 years from the chemical shift measurements.

2.2. Hyperfine shifts

3. X-ray spectroscopy of exotic atoms

4. Radiation, diffraction and channeling of charged particles

5. Dynamical neutron diffraction and a search for the electric dipole moment of neutron

Scientific publications of results

Reviews and monographies. Doctor of Sciences theses on the reviewed themes. Candidate (PhD) theses.

Recognition of scientific results

Personal awards and grants. Grants of Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR) and Russian Academy of Sciences.International grants.